October 24, 2010

The lovers principle of living by way of Buddhism.

That will dominate to successfully of living as well, it must be good protection for their first and cling to righteousness. It is the sacrament to living , meaning the body normally, good mind, good words that will bless and sincere to each other. Not lying the same trick does not cheat on each other but with compassion. Therefore have to forgive each other.

ฉันรักเธอ love

The lovers must have love as the basis and principles into a help sustain Buddha gave teachings of his house on four items that will be applied to every item when born to be fully effective. In this way will feature love reign lifestyle partners.

lovers คู่รัก

TRUTH (true sincerity to each other) ... true love solve everything.
TAMA (about practicing restraint adjustment) adjustment together fulfill the deficiency.
TOLERANCE (hardiness tolerance), because we love him/her ... tolerable....
JACA (sacrifice) when he/she was happy we are happy together

Maintaining one's relations towards directions.
rendering all the directions secure and peaceful by performing the duties towards the lovers
As a husband , one should honor and support one's wife, as follows:
1. One honors her in accordance with her status as wife.
2. One does not look down on her.
3. One does not commit adultery.

ของขวัญ gift

4. One gives her control of household concerns.
5. One gives her occasional gifts of ornaments and clothing.

A wife supports her husband by:
1. Keeping the household tidy.

ห้องนอน bedroom

2. Helping the relatives and friends of both sides.
3. Not committing adultery.

เงินเก็บ money bank

4. Safeguarding any wealth that has been acquired.
5. Being diligent in all her work.

October 16, 2010

20 Things You Need to Know How to Do When You Have Love

20 Things You Need to Know How to Do When You Have Love

1. How to take care of love
2. How to speak love language
3. How to say "I love you"


4. How to share happiness
5. How to stay loyal
6. How to get romantic
7. How to get jealous wisely


 8. How to Cook
9. How to do housekeeping
10. How to tie/untie a necktie
11. How to present love


12. How to prove his love
13. How to say "No" to other guys
14. How to deal with his temper
15. How to Socialize with his folks
16. How to get familiar with sweet talks

17. How to maintain impression
18. How to maintain physical appearance
19. How to learn sex lessons
20. How to confront upset

October 11, 2010


14K White Gold 1 ctw Diamond Solitaire Tiffany Ring  According to legend has a long history. We believe that wearing the ring finger will the impulse power of love through to the heart of the lover. Because a wedding ring is like a contract agent of love.  Only one piece of jewelry is a valuable spiritual commitment to young women. But before young couples are using the natural vine be attached to the fingers to show the love. Which become a tradition of Roman and British to bring the most precious of metals but each period used for bridal wear.

14K Diamond Wedding Band For Women Yellow Gold Princess Cut 7 Diamonds Ring (0.66ctw GH, SI1)  Which initially Since antiquity as an engagement ring that used the couple is made from plain steel. According to legend, they believed that the ring is caused by a god 'Prometheus'. He beat up a steel ring to the human who does not love. Later, the Romans get  the ring together, it becomes a golden ring. It represents the life cycle and the eternal. In addition, an announcement to the public that contract marriage couples will be treated and cherish it as long as.

14k White or Yellow Gold Burnished Diamond Ring (.07 cttw, H-I Color, I1-I2 Clarity)  As long as the present time with an emphasis on the immortal works. The gold ring as a symbol of traditional marriage and still of remind miracle the bride forever until 15th century. The ring which is a symbol of stability and integrity. Using the gem that is stronger is "Diamond".

Three Stone Round Brilliant Diamond Ring 1/3ctw (GH/I1) in 14K White Gold Diamonds were first discovered in India. The value of diamonds not only beautiful from the outside. However, because the magic of mysticism Diamond, believed to be a protection from noxious, fire, poison, sickness, theft, as well as the force of all evil.

14K White Gold 3 Three Stone Round Diamond Ring (1/4 cttw)  So this word 'Diamond' comes from the root word in Greek 'Adamas', which means "can not win has become a universal symbol of lasting love and endless love. Legends of the diamond has started well and tell a story handed down from the meanwhile.