July 11, 2013

Wedding Gifts - Wedding Dress Boxes

Wedding Gifts : Wedding Dress & Tuxedo Favor boxes 

Tuxedo Bride Groom Wedding Bridal Favor Candy Box Gift Boxes. 

Designed in popular and elegant style, these party favor boxes can be used for practically any occasion. They are great for weddings, table gifts, novelties, ornaments, candy and party.These boxes are specifically made and sold as "give away" boxes. Elegant wedding reception favors to Bridal Shower favor. Ribbons included.

Wedding Gifts : Wedding Dress & Tuxedo Favor boxes 
100 Bride Groom Wedding Dress Tuxedo Favor Boxes Bridal Shower Party Boxes New.

5- 10-ct. packs of wedding favor boxes 4 tall and are 2" x 4" at the bottom. 5-10ct. tuxedo-shaped boxes.5" tall and 2" x 2 ½" wide at the bottom measurements are approximate could be more or less. They have about 2 inches of space. 100 Organza white ribbon.

In this love season,everythings should be romantic.If you are planning your wedding part.these candy boxes are vital! It can make your party like in the fairy tale. Romantic night need romantic thing. 

Wedding Dress & Tuxedo Favor so cute and lovely use for wedding day. 

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